BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) – A Bay County man is in custody after officers allegedly discovered dozens of stolen items at his home. The Bay County Sheriff’s Office seized the items and is working to reunite the stolen items with their rightful owners.

Agents said Casey Shuff, 40, is responsible for a series of robberies on the west end of Panama City Beach. Authorities said Shuff was the suspect identified on surveillance video in connection with the theft of a bicycle rack from a home. Agents issued a search warrant last week and arrested Shuff after finding the stolen item at his home.

Ryan Nelson is an investigator with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office. He said Shuff confessed to stealing the shelf along with more than a dozen other items from his home.

“He was able to guide us through the residence and identify these items as stolen throughout the property, but he has no recollection of where these items specifically came from,” Nelson said. “So that’s essentially what we’re trying to do here today, hopefully it’ll open this up to the public a little bit and get some help identifying these items.”

The stolen items included several surfboards, bicycles, coolers, and even a speaker. Officials are posting photos of the seized items on the Nextdoor app, hoping the owners will come forward.

Investigator Nelson says the Sheriff’s Office believes there are more stolen items at Shuff’s house.

“If you don’t see your items, but something similar has been stolen in the last year or two and you simply haven’t reported it, these items may be at your residence. So it’s very important to file these reports when things are stolen,” Nelson said. “Make sure you lock your house. Make sure your garage is closed. Be sure to lock your cars. It is very very important to prevent crimes like these. Many of these are crimes of opportunity. A locked garage and locked gate will prevent people from forcibly entering a residence and getting into a car. If you leave it open, you’re basically giving it to them.”

Shuff has been charged with robbery and theft. His bail is set at 10,000.