If you are guided by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s approach that conducting CSTO military exercises in Armenia is dangerous for Armenia, then the Armenian armed forces should not conduct any military exercises or measures to increase their combat readiness. Opposition MP and security expert Tigran Abrahamyan told reporters this Monday at the National Assembly.

“In general, the conduct of military exercises is aimed, first of all, at increasing the combat readiness of the armed forces. In the CSTO format, it is aimed not only at increasing combat readiness, but also at harmonizing operations Secondly, the decision to hold CSTO military exercises in Armenia this year had a political basis, which I consider a certain measure of support.The decision of the Armenian authorities [not to host these military exercises] it is not perceptible to me, in general, and I do not see its favorable consequences for Armenia,” Abrahamyan said.

To the remark that Azerbaijan and Turkey can attack, while the CSTO will not return to protect Armenia is given by the authorities of the latter as a reason for not organizing the CSTO military exercises in Armenia, the opposition lawmaker responded : “Even without that, Azerbaijan and Turkey are conducting quite intensive military exercises. It has been announced that by 2025 the armed forces of these countries will have harmonization and integration, there will be a [military] commando, which in itself is a huge threat to Armenia. Armenia should also benefit from the circle of allies, possible friendly countries. The step of refusing this or that military exercise in no way reduces the probability of a possible attack by Azerbaijan. If Azerbaijan has that goal, it will find the opportunity.”