Cheba Cabin

Although cannabis has come a long way since Scott Jennings, the founder of Cheba Hut (which had its first location in Tempe, Arizona), made his first toaster sandwich 25 years ago, the brand acknowledges that there is still a long way to go. . to the comprehensive reform of justice for the plant and its users. Thousands of Americans continue to serve lengthy prison sentences due to cannabis convictions, even in states where marijuana is no longer criminalized. To help right that injustice, Cheba Hut is joining forces with the Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit organization that harnesses legal intervention, public education, and legislative advocacy in support of a single mission: to free every last one of the ten of thousands of people locked up on non-violent cannabis-related charges.

“We are fortunate to have the support of countless cannabis brands, dispensaries and individuals who are constantly finding new ways to help fulfill our mission of freeing every last prisoner,” stated Last Prisoner Project. “We are thrilled to continue this partnership with Cheba Hut and carry on the SmokeOut Injustice Day tradition!”

In 2022, Cheba Hut designated their January 20th anniversary as SmokeOut Injustice Day and couldn’t be happier to continue the tradition this year on their 25th anniversary! On Friday, January 20, Cheba Hut stores will donate $2 from every ticket sold to The Last Prisoner Project. This includes in-store and delivery tickets.

“Since 1998, Cheba Hut has been deeply embedded in cannabis culture,” said Brian Loeb, Cheba Hut’s vice president of marketing. “In that time, we have been incredibly fortunate to have benefited from its progression, but we witnessed firsthand the struggle that came along with it. Every year SmokeOut InJustice is our chance to pay back the victims of the system, and this January 20th is set to be our biggest SOIJ Day yet!

Grab some friends and head over to your local Cheba Hut on Friday, January 20 for SmokeOut InJustice with us!