ADELANTO, Calif. ( – The City of Adelanto and the Victor Valley Humane League ended their long-standing partnership that spanned more than 4 decades.

As of January 6, 2023, the contract ended, therefore any stray animals seized by City of Adelanto Animal Control, or any animals that are turned in by Adelanto residents, will be brought to the Barstow Humane Society located at 2480 E. Main. Street in Barstow.

During the announcement at the Adelanto City Council meeting last week, City Manager Jessie Flores reminded residents not to keep livestock on their property within city limits, noting that Barstow Humane Society will not accept these types of animals.

“Please note that the City is not zoned for residents to own any type of livestock, we are not an equestrian community. Therefore, residents are not allowed to own livestock on their property, such as goats, sheep, pigs and horses, to name a few,” the city manager said.

In addition, City officials said any animal rescue group wishing to do business in the City must have 501c3 nonprofit status and a City business license.

“In addition, any citizen or authorized rescue group can only deliver animals during Barstow Humane Society business hours,” Flores said. “As for residents, the Barstow Humane Society is willing to organize a meeting point for those who want to get their pets back.”

Many of those who help rescue animals have expressed concern about the distance between the two cities, but are looking for ways to help the shelter.

“I will admit that I was a big voice against our animals being brought to Barstow. Just for driving time and gas. We as rescuers can’t afford to go outside every time we have a stray dog, we can barely afford the gas to go rescue the stray dog. And residents don’t have the time or money to run. Maybe we can arrange something like the transport of an animal that the owner claims. So you’re not always making the journey,” Heather Marie Gaines suggested in a post on the shelter’s Facebook page.

The shelter has already begun accepting animals from the city of Adelanto, posting more than 2 dozen pets on its various social media platforms in an attempt to round up the owners, who arrived as strays, mostly puppies; and three adult cats.

All animal entries for the Barstow Humane Society are listed on under the Lost my pet category.

“We would like to thank the Manager of the Barstow Humane Society, which is Linda Glaudel for her continued support and assistance, we look forward to supporting each other’s agencies and providing proper care for the animals in our community,” Flores stated.

Linda Glaudel was singled out during a 2016 interview for her role in making a difference in the lives of animals at the shelter.

“I have loved animals all my life. As a rescuer for my own non-profit organization, North Star Pet Assistance, I have had exposure to the Barstow Humane Society for several years. I had never considered running the shelter, but when the opportunity presented itself and I was contacted to apply, I jumped at the opportunity with great pleasure. There have been many challenges, but I love the role,” Glaudel shared.

Anyone can help in the cause of reducing the number of pets in the shelter by spaying or neutering their pets to prevent unwanted litters and making sure their pet is tagged and microchipped with the most up-to-date information.

Animal shelters are always in need of bedding, newspapers, financial donations, and in many cases, volunteers.

The Barstow Humane Society has an Amazon Wish List of necessities, which is posted on their Facebook page for anyone who wants to help.

Those interested in more information on setting up a pet hub, questions about donations, or any other shelter-related details can contact the Barstow Humane Society at (760) 252-4800.

If you have any further questions, residents are asked to contact the City of Adelanto Community Safety Department at (760) 246-2300 extension 11167.

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