Dealers of 2023 must get off to a strong start to ensure the success of their year. Today on Inside Automotive, Sean Gardner, Joe Verde Group Sales Trainer and Trainer, describes how to attract quality consumers to ask for your salespeople by name.

#1- Improve the opportunities that dealers receive.

Gardner says selling existing dealer inventory isn’t about how many customers you can sell or how many incentives you have. “You have to maximize what you have,” Gardner says. It is essential to take your time and hone your skills. “If you only have one consumer asking for you by name, then take this time to hone the skills you currently have,” he continues. These consumers will make it easier for sellers to close deals, make a profit, and maintain higher CSI levels when called upon.

#2- Focus on follow-ups, especially with clients who walked out on a deal right before it closed.

When it comes to bringing customers back to the lots, salespeople will need a strong sense of urgency. Two-thirds of all consumers, according to Gardner, “will buy if you can get them back to the dealer.” This occurs during step one, which involves developing a relationship with the customer. Second, “ask them, what was the only thing that stopped you? “

It’s crucial to remember that sellers should listen to what consumers have to say rather than give them a list of options. “If you can identify their real objection, any questions they ask could help you close the deal,” Gardner adds.

#3- Call your past customers and ask if the people they know are looking to buy a new car.

Gardner cites statistics that: 95% of past customers will buy another vehicle; 30% have a relative who wants to buy a new vehicle in the next 90 days; and 62% have a coworker, neighbor, or friend looking to purchase within 90 days of their transaction.

#4- Orphan owners and service customers.

These are going to be the customers who already love the store and the products, they just don’t have a salesperson right now. With the front door or phone accounting for 50% of the month’s output, “by asking the pipeline filler questions, you can drive the traffic for your own success,” adds Gardner.

According to Joe Verde, “A salesperson can’t achieve above-average results unless they learn to use the phone.”

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